Trailer Safety Week: June 2-8, 2019

The trailer industry—including manufacturers, dealers, and parts and component companies—has been incredibly effective at providing solutions to businesses and individuals who need to haul things. We’ve been so successful, in fact, that our products and customers are a major part of the total traffic load on North America’s roadways.

There’s a lot of responsibility in that, with a lot of opportunity for mistakes, product failures and completely random accidents where things go awry. Fortunately, much of that could be avoided or greatly reduced just by following safety routines more diligently. That’s why the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers has established Trailer Safety Week, a national event designed to train end users, dealers and manufacturers about best safety practices.

This year’s Trailer Safety Week is June 2-8.

The NATM provides helpful printed and online safety education and marketing materials that your dealership can use to emphasize trailer safety to your customers. Using these materials shows customers that you care and take safety seriously in your own operations—an important message that will increase their trust in your operation.

The need for trailer safety training is clear. End users are vastly undereducated on the proper use of trailers, and it is essential to utilize the connections that dealers and manufacturers have with consumers to raise awareness of proper towing techniques and maintenance. With millions of trailers traversing the nation’s roadways every day, it is vital to ensure that trailers are being towed safely for the sake of everyone on the roads.

We may think we know all there is to know about trailering safely, but even experts can use a refresher. And if you can get your customers to look at this content, you are providing a great public service. Below is a list of the primary topics that are crucial for trailering safety, with links to training information from the NATM. You can also download safety information for usage in your dealership at any time.

Trailer Safety Week is one week a year, but it is important to focus on it year-round.