Tour the Dealer Resource Center

Customers don’t just fall out of the sky, and closing deals takes more than just saying “hello.” That’s why Big Tex offers the powerful Dealer Resource Center, your free online bag of tricks to pull those customers in and get them to buy.

“The Dealer Resource Center packs a lot of punch for dealers trying to win in their markets,” says Johnathan Bradley, Vice President of Sales for Big Tex Trailers. “It provides a one-stop-shop for all of the proven marketing, training and sales resources you need to attract shoppers, win their trust, tell them what they need to know and get them to sign a deal.”

Things you can do from the Big Tex Dealer Resource Center:

  • Email brochures, sales flyers and photos to prospects and email lists.
  • Build ads using great templates for online or local publications.
  • Order point-of-purchase signage and banners to dress up your dealership.
  • Grab already-prepared social media posts for social marketing.
  • Apply for trailer financing for your customers.
  • Take free online training courses on Big Tex products and how to sell it.
  • …And much more!

This is designed to be a resource that is constantly updated with news, how-to videos, new product releases, updated pricing and regularly refreshed marketing materials – all right at your fingertips. You will also receive a regular Dealer Resource Center newsletter, with the latest information about new resources available for your dealership.

What would more shoppers and a better close percentage do for your store? Check out the new, free Dealer Resource Center to find out!