Powerful New Product Launches

It starts with smart product development, of course, but Big Tex has shown time and again that we know how to give our new trailers a launch that sets up our dealers to win from the start. It’s the kind of marketing strategy and support that only the industry leader can provide.

Successful launches rely on Big Tex’s comprehensive understanding of the marketplace. We know what it takes for our dealers to come out ahead against competing products and dealers. That means winning features and specs on every new trailer, backed by deep insights into why customers need those features in the first place, and how those features impact their work.

These insights help us develop not only the product, but also the messaging we use to describe that product to the market, as well as the marketing assets that we deploy and provide to Big Tex dealers.

With the competitive advantage and Key Selling Propositions defined for a trailer, the marketing effort shifts to themes and headlines that emphasize those advantages. We also focus on the materials, tools and channels we will use to maximize exposure and support efforts in local markets.

There is a rollout template that we use to ensure we fully support every dealer when they are working a new model into their lots and sales efforts. We provide a wide variety of POP (point of purchase) items, a spec sheet, website content, and social media and advertising materials to make it easy to pitch new products. And one of the coolest things about this program of launch materials is that you can access all of that marketing goodness right here through the Big Tex Dealer Resource Center.

To understand the resources available for each launch, you need to look no further than the recent launch of the incredibly well-received 14LP dump trailer. “Low Profile, High Expectations” gets right to the idea of this smart new trailer, with a lower deck height for convenience, ergonomics and equipment loading, but elevated expectations for a next-level dump offering.

On top of that sharp messaging, design and feature highlights, we created a full arsenal of ads, handouts, social media posts and on-site signage for your dealership. If you haven’t gotten and deployed any of these assets, grab them here for easy download. For signage, simply share the files with your local printer to have them printed.

The following is a list of all of the materials and efforts we create for each new launch:

  • New Product Photography and Video
  • National Search and PPC Advertising Campaign
  • National Social Media Campaign
  • National Email Marketing Campaign
  • New Product Landing Page
  • Big Tex Homepage Banner
  • 2’x3’ POP Posters
  • Three-sided Table Tents
  • A Pack of 25 Spec Sheet Handouts
  • Social Media Posts — Graphics and Copy
  • Banner Ads for Local Advertising
  • Postcard for Local Send
  • Walk-Through Video
  • ATW University New Product Training Video
  • Press Release and Trade News Articles

It’s a lot of marketing support dedicated to making each launch and each dealer successful. And it is the kind of support that you can only receive from the trailer industry leader.