Partner with #1 to be #1

What’s the key to being #1 in your market? Attracting the attention of customers, getting them on your lot and closing the deal. What’s the best way to do all three? By partnering with Big Tex Trailers.

How do we attract the attention of customers? From Big Tex products being featured alongside industry-leading brands like Ford and Ram trucks, to being the choice trailer for publications like Car and Driver for trailer testing, Big Tex has a big presence in the industry. All of that attention drives consumers to search for Big Tex more than the next six professional-grade trailer manufacturers combined. Plus, Big Tex online advertising reached more than 50 million people last year!

When it comes to getting customers through our dealers’ doors, generated more than 350,000 dealer locator lookups and 50,000 phone leads that went directly to Big Tex dealers in 2018. No other trailer brand delivers more sales traffic to your dealership than Big Tex Trailers.

That’s the name of the game: you win, we win. Big Tex is committed to helping you outperform all of your competitors because that’s what helps us outperform ours. We work hard to be good at this stuff, and when you’re on the Big Tex team, you win right along with us. We make sure that our industry-wide recognition extends to our dealers as we continue to invest in ways that help dealers turn all of that attention into dollars. Our digital marketing solutions mean any Big Tex dealer will get more leads, close more sales and win in their local markets.

No one has your back like Big Tex, and that means closing the deal easier than ever before. Only Big Tex can offer dealer tools like our Dealer Advantage Programs at no cost. Cutting-edge digital tools, sales & product training, and expanded consumer financing options provide your dealership with the ability to attract and close more deals and truly take care of your customers’ needs.

If you want to be #1 in your market, it’s obvious who you should partner with. Big Tex has everything in place to help you succeed right alongside us, and there’s nothing better than a team win!