Check Before You Go

Before you or your drivers hit the road, you should always make sure that both your tow vehicle and trailer are in optimal condition. A few simple precautions can make all the difference between arriving safely with your load intact, or ending up with a disaster on your hands.

Big Tex Trailers offers the following seven-point pre-departure checklist as a guide for giving your rig a thorough once-over, so you and your team can enjoy added peace of mind on the journey ahead.


  • Tire Pressure – Check to ensure all of your trailer and tow vehicle’s tires are filled to the correct pressure, including any spare tires. Insufficient or unequal tire pressure reduces fuel efficiency and can cause unsafe swaying.
  • Lug Nuts/Bolts – Make sure wheel lug nuts/bolts are tightened to the correct torque. Over time, these components can loosen. We recommend checking before every trip.
  • Connections – Properly secure the hitch, coupler, draw bar and other equipment connecting the trailer and the tow vehicle.
  • Wiring & Chains – Make sure all wiring and safety chains are properly connected. They should be tight/high enough to clear the ground easily, yet allow ample slack to make turns. Wires can easily become damaged or disconnected if stretched too tightly.
  • Lights & Brakes – Check to see that all running lights, brake lights, hazards and turn signals are in correct working order, and verify that brakes on the trailer and tow vehicle are fully functional.
  • Locks & Breakaway System – Be sure the trailer jack, tongue support and any stabilizers are raised and locked into place. The lanyard for the breakaway system should be connected directly to the tow vehicle, never to the safety chains.
  • Load – Check load distribution to make sure the trailer is balanced front to back and side to side. Finally, check that all items are securely fastened on and in your trailer.