Build Success that Lasts

At Big Tex, we know trailers best. Our expertise and insight comes from more than 35 years of building tough, durable trailers that last. But we build much more than that. We also build strong partnerships with our dealers. And by doing so, we build long-lasting success. As the trailer industry leaders, we are the best partner for dealers looking to generate more leads, increase revenue and win market share. How can we help dealers like yourself? Simple. It starts with three words: Connect, Convince, Close.


Grabbing potential customers’ attention can seem impossible these days. Big Tex’s Dealer Advantage provides world-class digital marketing resources that give dealers an edge over competitors and make it easier than ever to find potential customers.

  • Web Connect – Technology is always changing and it is more important now than ever before. An impressive website is essential to any business and with our Web Connect resource, you have access to an individual, customizable website complete with professional photography, copy, and product presentations.
  • Dealer Resource Center – Big Tex dealers also have access to professional marketing materials through our online Dealer Resource Center. This convenient portal offers seasonal and sales-oriented advertising materials, eye-catching POP, merchandising assets, training, and more. Take advantage of these game-changing materials that grab customers’ attention online and transform it into in-person sales.


You have made the connection and brought them to your lot. Now, how do you convince them to buy?

  • Training – Winning over customers begins with a well-trained staff—make that the best-trained staff. That can be a hard thing to achieve, not to mention expensive. But not with Big Tex: Our dealers have access to free training through ATW University, helping to create a successful staff and a successful business.


Don’t let a sale stall when it’s time to seal the deal. Most of the trailer industry uses the same customer finance tools, and generally offers low acceptance rates due to limited funding availability. Not so with Big Tex!

  • Express Financing and Sheffield Financial – Through the Big Tex Dealer Advantage, you have access to ATW’s exclusive funding sources that free up more financing cash for your customers. Thanks to our scale and relationships with finance companies, you will be able to help more customers qualify and roll off the lot with a brand-new trailer. That’s a win for you, a win for us and a win for consumers who would otherwise be without a trailer they need.

Dealer Advantage is designed to put you in the driver’s seat and lead you down the road to success. Big Tex offers resources for dealers to maximize their leads, sales, customer satisfaction and market share. And only Big Tex, the industry leader, can offer this level of support for your business.

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